Factory Tour

Factory Tour

Production Line

1. Sawing
Our raw material includes billets, ingots, round bars. We will estimate input raw material according to finish product, and saw as per work sheet

2. Heating
Three heating furnaces, max 1500kgs, can heat 3 tons per day for one shift

3. Hammering
Totally four hammers, max 1000kg

4. Heat treatment
For stainless steel, normally we will heat to 1050 degree, and holding for 2.5-3 hours, and then cooling in water

5. Rough machining
Total twenty-three vertical lathes

6. Final machining
Numerical lathe to guranteen the accuracy

7. Drilling holes
Ten drilling machines

8. Marking
Marking with auto machine

9. Cleaning
Clean steel flanges

10. Package
Suitable seaway transportation package, plywooden case with plastic film sealed inside

Manufacturing Equipments at our Factory:

CNC Machining Equipment
Flange Forging Process
Large Size Lathe Machine
Lathe Machining For Flanges
Rolling Forging Machine
Flange Drilling Machine
CNC Drilling Machine
CNC Lathe Machine
CNC Machining Devices

Steel Flanges Manufacturing Process

Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Industrial Pipe Flanges In India :

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